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March 2012

Introducing The NNA's New President And CEO

In an important development that marks a new era of leadership for your National Notary Association, we’re pleased to announce that veteran executive Thomas A. Heymann has been named the NNA’s new President and Chief Executive Officer to expand its service, education and support programs for Notaries nationwide.

Proper Notarial Practices Essential To Integrity Of Election-Related Documents

With the 2012 election cycle moving into high gear, Notaries will be called upon more and more to notarize nomination petitions, filing papers, affidavits and a variety of other election-related documents. These transactions are often challenged, making adherence to state laws and ethics essential to upholding integrity of notarizations in the democratic process.

HUD Recommending Sanctions Against Bank 'Robo' Notaries

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is considering sanctions against Notary employees of at least one of the five banks involved in the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement and may recommend sanctions against Notaries of the other four banks.

Record Of Notarizations Mandated By National Mortgage Settlement

The nation’s five largest mortgage servicers now must maintain records of all foreclosure-related notarizations performed on their behalf by employees or third-party contractors, according to details of the National Mortgage Settlement released this week.