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May 2015

A Notary's Guide To Oaths And Affirmations

Administering an oath or affirmation is an important role of a Notary. Understand when and how to perform both types of declarations using the NNA’s guide.

Your Favorite, Funny Notary Animal Stories

As a Notary, you never know what you might encounter at a signing. Members of our Notary community were surprised to find birds and pigs at their assignments!

Can I Certify That A Person Is Alive?

California Notaries may not certify that a signer is alive. But if a signer is making the statement that she is alive, you may notarize her signature.

7 Ways Notaries Can Stop Back Pain

Notaries who sit down all day or drive to a lot of assignments may suffer from back pain. Learn how to ease the pain with these 7 tips.

Fun Things To Do At NNA 2015

Hundreds of Notaries from around the country are preparing to travel to Orlando, Florida for the NNA 2015 Conference. Have fun exploring this great city.