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June 2009

Hotline Tip: Out-Of-State Acknowledgments

Wording for acknowledgment certificates varies from state to state, and documents often come with out-of-state certificates. Read what to do!

Hotline Tip: Notarizing USCIS Forms For Adoptions

Form I-171H is among the most common U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms for people adopting a child from another country. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Hotline Tip: Using Black Ink With Your Notary Seal

With a few exceptions, black is the recommended ink color to use when affixing an official Notary signature or seal because it shows up legibly in microfilm or photocopies.

Hotline Tip: What Is An Enhanced Driver's License?

Enhanced Driver's Licenses are a new, more secure form of identification recently issued by some U.S. border states, including Michigan, New York, Washington and Vermont.

Building A Taste For eVoting

ESTONIA — As the first country in the world with a fully electronic Notary system, this Baltic republic is pushing digital boundaries yet again by testing a nationwide eVoting network.

Hotline Tip: Notarizing Over The Phone

A regular client telephones you and says, “I just mailed you a deed. When you get it, please notarize my signature and mail it right back.” What do you do?