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September 2011

Hotline Tip: Can I Notarize A Document In Which I'm Mentioned?

I’ve been asked to notarize a document that includes my name on a list of people being authorized as representatives of the signer. Can I perform this notarization, or should I get a Notary who is not mentioned in the document to perform it?

Recommended Notary Practices: Attaching Notarial Certificates

Without the state-approved certificate wording, a Notary’s signature and seal have little meaning because the wording describes what type of notarization was performed — such as an acknowledgment or jurat — and what procedures the Notary followed.

How To Protect Your Notary Stamp And Journal From Misuse

If your Notary seal and journal get into the hands of a criminal and are used to commit fraud, you could face a whole host of headaches because you didn’t secure them properly. Avoid this scenario by following these security tips for your Notary tools.

Ireland Joins Nations Permitting Electronic Notarization

The milestone eNotarization was carried out recently by Dublin-based solicitor and Notary David Walsh for a document going out of the country. The document was referred to Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs to become the first electronically notarized document to receive an electronic Apostille.